Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tygahoney Servers and Contact Info

I am writing this post on Independence Day which is apt because this Indie label is really striving to make a name for itself as a conscious independent company. There are a few battles going on behind the scenes. This is to be expected for a company that prides itself on good ethics, something that some we have come across don't do. I  realise that a glamourous image in the public profile may not always reflect the hustle and bustle that goes on and that nowadays, more than ever, people like to hear and connect with the heart and soul of a movement, organisation or artist.

My purpose here is to give you an update. Short and sweet without taking away from the hard 24/7 work that is happening at Tygahoney Music.

The email (.com) servers for the company have been down for almost two weeks. Quite frustrating for a young company such as this. While dealing with the host company for the site, who don't answer or respond to emails, I have been trying to keep things bright and bubbly and keep things flowing on the outside. Fortunately we still have the domain working well and thank goodness I had the foresight to switch the website back to the address months ago, otherwise there would be an outrageous disaster on my hands right now!

There are a number of new projects lined up in the House music, Neo Soul, Rock, Pop, Funk and Instrumental genres. I am proud to be working with some highly respected and successful artists; producers who are actual, real, down to earth good eggs!  One of my reasons for setting up this label was to emancipate myself from the fakeness, then do something good and make a positive difference with my craft and gift. Tygahoney is truly walking the talk, working with nice, professional, humble, ethical sorts who don't need to play dirty and actually have real talent without hiding behind an overhyped reputation. Tygahoney Music keeps it real. There is a NO BS, NO EGO POLICY and it applies to anyone I work with, and vice versa from my esteemed colleagues.

We will announce and promote each and every song project and release when it is appropriate, so please check back for regular updates.

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Email enquiries can be sent here: EMAIL

Tygahoney Music values your support and hopes you are into the music and philosophy behind it. Do keep supprorting. This is a truly indie movement and it thrives and works due to the community behind it and with it. People like YOU!

I would love to have a dialogue with you, so please chip in and say something if you feel the need. Leave suggestions, comments, love, constructive feedback, whatever below. I am open to all that is good and positive and I welcome your thoughts.

I hope that your week is going beautifully and that wherever you are in the world, all is well in it.

Stay positive. Dream BIG. Be nice. It will all work out.

Thanks for reading!



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