Saturday, August 11, 2012

Before I Chase Those Z's I Wanted To Let You Know

After a week of hard slog filled with frustration, determination, resolve, re-affirmation and a couple of reality checks going toe to toe with fulfilling and eventful moments such as learning to play the ukelele in 20 seconds and then directing a mini 'uke'stra, playing my blue sparkly Descant recorder on a recording  due to overwhelming inspiration (haven't played since I was a pre-teen or would they say "tweenie" these days?!), setting up and hosting a virtual pre-release listening party and succesfully not once mentioning anything to do with a particular world sporting event happening in my home town to one single soul (not once), I think you get the picture... I'm ready to try to get forty winks. Being an insomniac that might be difficult, but I'll whip out the organic chamomile tea and take my chances. Before I settle down and attempt to do a modern Rip Van Winkle (sleep forever) I wanted to let you know that there is some cool activity going on with Tygahoney and Pinterest. Tygahoney Music has a co-release Pinterest board that we have created with Tigersonic Tracks for our upcoming single Candid.

If you are Pinterested, check it here and follow: Candid Unleashed on Pinterest 

Thank you! Wish me luck for catching those z'ssss please...

Thanks for reading.

Have a great weekend!

Tygahoney Music