Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New single 'Colour' out in July [Getting ready to drop it...]

Busy busy busy!  Tygahoney has been getting prepared for our new Funk/Soul release 'Colour' by our new record label, Funk 'n Honey. Being a Fair Trade label and into all good things music, we will be co-releasing the single along with Badthingz, the label owned by Barrie Sharpe, who released the classic soul song 'Masterplan' with his previous band member Diana Brown.

The song has a conscious flavour (of course) that guarantees to get you tappin' those toes. It was dropped at Ministry of Sound last month and the place didn't know what hit it! Feedback from our wonderful listeners, FB friends and followers has been beyond positive too. It feels good.

It will be released exclusively through our website ( in July. Do stay tuned in for updates including sneak previews of the song and video. (You can click the record above to hear a lil' bit right now!)

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If you are a DJ, in the media industry, or have any licensing enquiries about the track, please do the same. Get in touch for your complimentary promo.

Yes, as usual, Tygahoney Music is very excited! I am so happy and thankful to be putting out positive and uplifting music in this way.

Here's to Indie power!




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