Friday, July 20, 2012

Review by of Our Single 'Colour'

This review didn't get put up on this blog t'other day! Slap my wrists, I've obviously had a lot going on to have let this one slip. But that is a good sign, right?

Respect and big thanks to Mr Taylor (an incredible musician), Founder and Editor-In-Chief of the Parliamentary award winning JazzReloaded for his commentary on our latest music release.

Here are my fave parts of the write-up:

"What can I say. The song has an embarrassingly simple message, made all the more embarrassing by the reality that swathes of communities and individuals on both sides of the Atlantic continue to fail to heed or apply the message. This song, and its premise, is not something to be intellectualised. After all, the decision to discriminate against people based on their skin colour was based on intellectual premises...

“Please don’t hate me for the colour of my skin”

They are words to live by, and as ever, Danelle is one with the courage to live by her lyrics."

Here is the link to the full review: JazzReloaded Review of 'Colour'

Thanks for reading once again.
Peace and love, speak soon

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