Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Review On Latest Tygahoney Release 'Colour'

Hurrah once again! Tygahoney Music has received another nice mention and write up.

This time the review is by Versatile about the recently released 'Colour'.

To be respected and written about by people Tygahoney respect means a lot. When people who actually speak words of value and who walk the walk connect with the music that we do, something amazing happens. It keeps the good vibes and flow moving and spreading, making a positive difference in so many ways. It's all about being conscious for Tygahoney. Spreading love and positivity while encouraging the empowerment of all feels great.

Thank you Versatile!

You'll find the link and full wordage below. Please click the blog link and comment, like and share.

The song is still available, so get your copy now!

Thanks for all your support.

Tygahoney Music


Link to article:

"Danelle Harvey and Rhythm Rhyme Revolution present a song entitled "Colour". Which was released on 13th July 2012. Just looking at the artwork alone is very intriguing. But in all honesty this is the type of music that is relevant. I love the lyrics "Please don't hate me by the colour of my skin" and the instrumentation behind it. Reminds of original Afro Beats/High Life.

The video also has that old school original feel to it. Not complex but very simple. I always bang on about real music. Truth is real music has no genre. Real music speaks to your heart and soul, like this. I give this 5/5 and would recommend that you buy and support the real music movement. Grab your copy via clicking here. This music song is just simply magnificent."

Versatilie Onochie