Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Female/Tiger collaboration - Candid [Chillstep] - Coming Soon!

Tygahoney Music's next single 'Candid' will be co-released with Tigersonic Tracks. This lush, chilled out piece of music will be a collaborative release by myself, Danelle Harvey and Felix Macintosh, two females from London. We both own our own independent record labels and are chuffed to be working together. The track has a lovely Asian/Indian flavour. With my vocals on top and Felix playing Bass, it truly is a joyous project to be working on as musicians doing our thing!

The release date is set for 21 August 2012. Please join us on our CandidUnleashed Pinterest board to stay-up-to date with our release related Pinterest posts.
I'll post some clips of the track up soon!

Stay tuned for more news. Thanks for tuning in.
Tygahoney Music