Thursday, September 20, 2012

Press Release: “Digital Audio Postcard” Single Recorded in Tropical Jungle, Cornwall & London by 2 Females

Candid is out now. Here is the official press release...

“Digital Audio Postcard” Single Recorded in Tropical Jungle, Cornwall & London by 2 Females

“Digital Audio Postcard” collaboration & video recorded between tropical jungle, Cornwall & London by two female Londoners released as a single.

After two years recording the instruments and voice parts separately on opposite sides of the world,Global Soul Electronica digital audio postcard “Candid” will be available for digital download this Friday. Despite being 8,000 miles apart, in The Tropics & The Temperate, founders Felix Xfile Macintosh and Danelle Harvey continued working on the Candid Unleashed project. 

The musicians, recording artists and independent label owners met at a networking event for female record label owners in London. A mutual love of tigers and music helped seal their connection and they attended a William Orbit Production master class together soon after. After swapping their relative music industry experiences and production techniques on their tube journey home, they decide to work together on a project. Despite Danelle’s imminent departure to the Tropics to write and record her new single album, they continued to collaborate between Felix’s base in London and Danelle’s base in a tropical remote jungle. Felix recorded the bass, and Danelle recorded the vocals. The Udu African claypot was recorded remotely from Cornwall in the UK and they decided to add it to the mix. 

The “Digital Audio Postcard” name tag was given to the project due to the process of posting audio and video footage to each other via snail mail and digital methods. Their remote recording method was also used to create video footage from both the jungle, London and Cornwall. Upon completion of the song, they decided to release it as a single.

The co-release by Tygahoney Music’s Funk ‘n Honey and Tigersonic Tracks, the labels run by Danelle and Felix, will be available direct from the Candid Unleashed Website as a download: on September 21 2012. 

"Candid" artwork

Tygahoney Label