Thursday, September 6, 2012

"More hooks than a Prince track!"

That is what one of the attendees of our listening party wrote about our upcoming release "Candid". Any positive reference to Prince fills me with joy so that already has me beaming!

It is always nice to have feedback from listeners and fans of your music. For me, it is also important to be able to connect and listen to what people in your corner have to say about your work. One of the most difficult parts of the release process for me is marketing a song. The reason being is that there is no set genre for the majority of my music releases, and in this world of conformity, music seems better received (from music stores) when recognised as one of the music categories the industry has chosen. I don't like putting my work in a "box", but having a tangible category to work with makes the sales tracking possible and the promotion, more fun and pain free! With this in mind, Felix and I decided to put the question of what thoughts, feelings and genre spring to mind when listening to "Candid"  to our trusted audience. I'm glad we did. Sometimes you are too close to a project to be objective enough - outside help can be just the ticket. 

So when Tygahoney Music and Tigersonic Tracks held our special listening party for our first co-release together, we invited a small number of people to the lil' online shindig. 

It was fun! We wanted to do a Google hangout initially but chose to do a private FB event instead. I love being a host, virtual or otherwise! That was a highlight along with being about to hear the track from a different perspective. 

We achieved our goal and then some. In the end, we ended up with more words and phrases than you can shake a stick of rock at!

The latest phrase that has turned up, which I like a lot, is "Dreamy groove-laden new world beats...more hooks than a Prince track!" Thanks Tominagirl!

I'll mix that description up and add the "soulful Female voice" element to it, just to give total strangers a heads up on the sound. 

So we are on our way. Next up? Sending out the remainder of the presskits. Look out for yours. If you haven't already received one and you would like to join the promotional list, let me know.

Release date: 21 September 2012.

Thanks for all your support


"Candid" single  Artwork
Candid Out 21 September 2012 ~