Monday, May 5, 2014

ॐ Burning ॐ [CLIP] by Yoga ☥ Wisdom - Good for #Yoga #Wisdom #Meditation

I'm very excited to share this track with you. ॐ Burning ॐ is part of the new album, "Yoga ☥ Wisdom Presents Mandala" by Yoga ☥ Wisdom

I'm lucky enough to be able to listen to this album on a regular basis, and I put it on whenever I need to take some time out from my heavy workload.

Have a listen to a short sample of the 8 minute long track in the clip above.

Change your flow with some ujaii pranayama, listen, relax and enjoy!


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Artist: Yoga ☥ Wisdom ::
Album: Yoga ☥ Wisdom Presents Mandala ::
Genre: Ambient/Meditation ::
Track duration: 8:00 minutes ::
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