Saturday, December 15, 2012

Submit Your Music! (Tygahoney Music - Conscious Sounds Project)

2012 has been a great year for building positive relationships, working on and commencing new projects and partnerships in music, media and with businesses of all sizes. We've been developing great projects in the US, Asia, Europe, Australia and at home in the UK.

We are currently updating our music catalogue which is due for relaunch in January 2013 and we are seeking new music. For this search we are looking for songs with ethical, social and environmentally "conscious" themes for a variety of projects including film, documentaries and company videos to add to our growing music licensing catalogue. If you are seeking publishing opportunities and would like to submit your music for consideration, please contact Storme at:

In order for your email to be opened please ensure the following at the very least:

Include "Tygahoney Music -  Conscious Sounds" in the subject line. Otherwise your email will not be opened (we get too much spam as it is!)

In your email:
  1. Let us know your name and your relationship to the writer/composer (s).
  2. Confirm that you have been authorised to seek placements for the music that you are sending links to.
  3. Make sure we have the copyright holder's contact information. Including: Email, Phone number & Address.
  4. Only send in links to a web page with samples of the music you wish to be considered. 
  5. Ensure there is an up-to-date biography and information about the relevant song or songs on the page.
  6. Let us know which tracks you wish to be considered on the site you send us to.
  7. Make sure your song has been properly mixed and mastered and is "release ready".
  8. Be sure to include your PRO's name and your writer member number.
We will only notify you when we have listened to your song and to inform you whether or not it has been selected. After that, we'll be in touch to finalise the process. Sending your music in does not guarantee acceptance or us listening, but we shall try our best to listen to all submitted music. We'll let you know when our books are closed for this particular topic. Subscribe to this blog and keep an eye and ear out for other opportunities with us. 

Thanks for reading.

Good luck and happy holidays!

Speak soon